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What is a BHRN network?

Initially funded in 2022 under Oregon Measure 110 Funds, the Oregon Behavioral Health Resource Network (BHRN) consists of Partner Organizations coming together across the state to provide recovery services for people experiencing and seeking support related to Substance Use Disorder

There are over 40 BHRNs, at least one (1)  for each of Oregon’s 36 counties though some have more than one, plus, one (1) for Oregon Federally Recognized Tribes.

Every BHRN must provide all of these services 1) Screening 2) Assessment 3) Peer Support 4) Harm Reduction 5) Low Barrier Treatment 6) Housing 7) Supported Employment. 

Partner Organizations may provide one or more of these services, though they may offer different services in different BHRNs.   For example, a Partner Organization may offer Peer Support in four (4) BHRNs but only offer Housing in two (2) BHRNs.  Thus, each Partner Organization has an Overall Service Menu listing all services combined offered across all BHRNs.  Each Partner Organization in a BHRN also has a BHRN-Specific Service Menu listing services offered in the specific BHRN.

OR BHRN Service Menus

What do the BHRN Maps offer?

These maps offer Information about the BRHNs, the Partner Organizations, their Service Offerings specific to each BHRN, and additional insights..

1. The Network of BHRNs Map displays the set of BHRNs across Oregon and which counties are served by more than one BHRN 

2. The Geographic Map displays Partner Organizations by location (main address) across Oregon.  Additional data can be accessed such as which services are offered.

3. The Partner Organizations Map displays the types of organizations in the Network of BHRNs.  e.g. Nonprofit, Business, Government, etc.  Additional data can be accessed such as the estimated funding award. 

4. The County BHRN Maps and the Tribal BHRN Map display the Partner Organizations within each BHRN and their Overall Services Menu and BHRN-Specific Services Menu of offerings for the area served.

How to interact with the BHRN Maps?

Clicking the images and/or links below should open the maps in your web browser. 

NOTE: For best results, use with a device offering a full screen and a scroll wheel mouse or trackball for zooming in and out.

NOTE: Some functions may not work well on small mobile devices. 

The maps open in a viewer on your web browser.  The viewer has a toolbar with different buttons.  On the upper right of the toolbar there is an info panel button.  Clicking that opens a side menu with 4 tabs to explore data, settings, tags and more.   

It’s okay to play with the maps.  They revert to the original format when you exit the viewer. 

***Additional tutorials forthcoming ***

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Oregon Tribal BHRN Map